Dad’s Gaming Corner

The Case For Indie Developers

December 17, 2020 Michael Masek & Jaiden Masek Season 1 Episode 45
Dad’s Gaming Corner
The Case For Indie Developers
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Hello and welcome! On tonight's show, we make the case for independent developers and why gamers should give them a chance. Over the last decade, games such as Super Meat Boy, Bastion, and Hades have continued to push the boundaries of great gameplay and storytelling. With original music and full cast voice overs, independent studios have brought some of the best gaming experiences to the players to date.

Also, listen to our review of Party Hard 2 (8/10), ScourgeBringer (8/10), Disc Room (9/10), and Ys Origin (9/10), four great indie games you can pick up today, while listening to your favorite Hard Rock Space Punk album!

Games and articles discussed on the show:

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